Friday, August 19, 2011

The Denver Art Museum

Carol, Kristin, Nate and I went to the Denver Art Museum.
We had to take two cars.  Carol and Kristin got lost on the way, so the boys and I had plenty of time to check out the giant broom and dustpan near the museum's entrance.
Rules to live by. 
The featured exhibit was Marvelous Mud: Clay Around the World.
While Ryan clowned around with the muddy hand prints...
James tried to make sense of some of the artwork.
They may look like leather, but these items are made from clay. 
This pony is also made from clay. 
It turns out that clay is a surprisingly versatile medium.  It can light up a room...
and serve as flooring. 
Of course we didn't limit ourselves to just one exhibit.  The Denver Art Museum is full of interesting things.
Sometimes the spaces between exhibits...
are just as interesting as the exhibits themselves.
I don't think I'd ever been in the furniture room before...
Do you think we can find this at Ikea?
Ryan says the foxes in the red room represent every one of Darcy's emotions. 
I don't see it. 
James and the skull wall. 
Nate and the skull wall. 
Kristin says this is a picture represents Cara and Trevor in ten years. 
Downtown Denver as viewed from the roof.  The tall building on the right is the Wells Fargo  Center which is better known as the "Cash Register Building."
We all had a great time visiting the Denver Art Museum.
We'll definitely be back. 
 August 2011


Anonymous said...

We had a great time, thanks for sharing the pictures.

Sian said...

Love the foxes!