Monday, October 26, 2009

Field of pumpkins

Mazzotti's Farm has a huge pumpkin patch. Everyone went their own way in search of the perfect pumpkin.
Eeny meany miney mo.
Seth wandered the furthest.
I was intrigued by the odd shaped pumpkins.
You never see pumpkins like this at Safeway!
Ryan made his selection first.
Then James.
Seth carried our pumpkins to the road.
One last look to make sure we chose the best ones.
Waiting for Dad to bring the car to the pumpkins.
October 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maize maze

Ryan and James heading into the corn maze. Ryan standing next to the corn to show how tall it is.
Both kids were surprised to find actual corn in the corn maze.
I really thought Seth was about to start a corn fight here. Luckily, he refrained.
Can't find the way out? Never fear, Dada will show you how to escape through the corn.
More corn in the corn maze. Ryan and James both brought home several ears for their rats.
James in the corn.
October 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Farm Family Fun

Today Seth and I took the kids to Mazzotti Farms Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in Hudson, Colorado. Tomorrow I will post pictures of the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Today's pictures are of the other farm attractions.Mazzotti Farms.
Gourds and baby pumpkins for sale. We did not buy any.
A really scary scarecrow.Teepee.
Inside the teepee, looking up.
James with a bunny.
Seth making friends with one of the farm dogs. The giant slide.
Ryan and James at the top of the giant slide.
Still sliding.
Dog pile at the bottom!
James showing off for some little kids.
Tired from all the sliding.
While the kids were busy sliding, Seth and I wandered over to the "Petting Zoo."
Seth's hand petting a donkey.
Eventually the boys got tired of sliding and came over to see what we were doing. James went right to the little grey donkey in the first pen.
James really, really liked this donkey.
I tried to get James to pet the other donkeys, but he was not interested in them. There is only room for one donkey in James' heart.
Poor spotted donkey! At least I thought he was cute... (James took this picture).
The end!
October 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wake Up Calls

Today I attended a "Writing Celebration" presented by Miss Stark's fourth grade class. Each child read an essay he or she had written. This is Ryan's.Ryan refuses to believe this, but Seth was the one who put the ice cube in his bed. I do not understand why I am being blamed for that!

The Night of Candy

Last night two Ninjas and a Devil Thing headed out to Overland High School for the Night of Candy. Candy wrappers on the stairs--we must be headed in the right direction.
Still looking for the candy. Overland is BIG!
At last--Candy!
Running across the cafeteria in search of still more candy.
They found pumpkins instead!
Some of the high school students made them work for their treats. This is Ryan (aka Devil Thing) playing Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin.
James playing Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin. Wrong way, James!
James' pumpkin.
After the games were over, James got involved in an art project.
Seth holding jackets and waiting patiently as James colors.
Ryan counting his candy as James colors.
"Look at all this sugar, Dada!"
A masterpiece!
Random dead high school students lying in the halls.
Random dressed up high school students giving out candy.
I like the way James is completely ignoring the scary tableau as he searches for more candy.
James was the only one who was interested in holding the giant cockroach.
Close up of the cockroach.
Not surprisingly, he was also the only one who stuck in hand in the jar of eyeballs.
Back at home, admiring his haul.
"Hey, James, I'll trade you a pack of Whoppers for that licorice."
October 2009