Friday, December 29, 2017

The year in collages

I had so much fun making collages for my other blog's year-end wrap up, I decided to do it for this blog as well. Here is the year in collages.
In January, I had jury duty on my birthday. Seth and I went to the dog park. I saw a bald eagle. It snowed.
My friend Bobbie sent us a box of weird Japanese snacks in February. Funny faces ensued. Darcy barked. Emma watched. We went to the dog park. Seth and Emma cuddled. 
James turned fifteen in March. Ryan and I went to a Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore concert.  Darcy and James napped. James, Darcy and Emma dressed up for St. Patrick's Day. 
Also in March, Jennifer, Seth, Ryan and James went on a road trip to Texas.  
April's events included Ryan's birthday, the Overland High School Awards Ceremony, spring snow, selfies and foal cuddling. 
In May, I attended Nate's graduation with Carol. Seth ad I went to the dog park. Ryan and James went to Kenlyn for a Mother's Day photo shoot. 
June was a busy month, and I didn't take a lot of pictures. Darcy and Emma kissed. James went to wrestling camp. Ryan got a passport, and James pet-sat for his friend, Kevin.
July was also busy. We celebrated two holidays: Independence Day and 7-11 Day. Jennifer went to Breyerfest and cuddled Silver Charm. James went to a QuinceaƱera. Darcy wore a hat. Jennifer got a job. 
August is back to school month. Jennifer worked a lot of hours and traveled to schools in Colorado and Wyoming, Cara and her dogs moved back to Colorado. Seth and Jennifer drove to Leadville to watch donkey racing.
September was filled with mountain drives. Ryan posed for senior pictures in Pine Junction, and Seth, Jennifer and Emma drove the Peak to Peak Highway. Seth fixed a car. Ryan and Darcy helped.
October was all about our Fall Break roadtrip to Southwestern Colorado. Also, dogs.
I bought a new car in November, and we celebrated Thanksgiving at Carol's house.
December's big events were another Beutel graduation and Christmas. I donated my old car, Darcy wore another hat.