Monday, April 30, 2018

Carol's promotion ceremony

Earlier this year, I visited Buckley Air Force Base...
to attend Carol's promotion ceremony... 
from Staff Sergeant to Technical Sergeant. 
Carol's sister, Christine, came, too, and so did her parents, Chuck and Pat. 
I had never attended a promotion ceremony, but I was pleased to learn that it was much shorter and livelier than a graduation.
Fight song! 
It ended with hugs, 
and congratulations for promoted.
Then we took family... 
and best friends photos...
before digging in to that cake! 
January 2018


Ryan and James are brothers, and James and Kevin are also brothers. Here are the three brothers at the reception after the academic awards ceremony.
April 2018

Academic awards night

Seth and I received two invitations for Overland's Spring 2018 Academic Award Ceremony.
The evening started with a few words from principal, Leon Lundie... 
and a few other members of the Overland Staff.
Then it was onto the awards! Together with his friend, Curtis, Ryan received the Senior Technology award.
James made the honor roll. 
Doesn't he look thrilled? 
James' friends Javier... 
and Kevin... 
and Ryan's girlfriend, Katie, also received awards. 
Katie got several. 
Good job, kids! 
April 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Watch dog

Emma spends hours doing this every day. 
It looks like she's keeping watch on the neighborhood, but if you look closely, she's usually sleeping.
February 2018

Senior project

On Monday, Ryan and Curtis presented their senior project. They did a good job.
April 2018

Monday, April 9, 2018

True love

February 2018

Thursday, April 5, 2018

James' birthday

Speaking of James... I never got around to posting his birthday pictures.

James turned sixteen in March, and we celebrated at Dae Gee Korean BBQ.
Ryan wasn't able to join us, so Kevin took his place. Both kids were delighted when the waitress referred to Kevin as "James' brother."
We chose a cook table, which means our meal was delivered to us raw...
and we cooked it ourselves. 
The master chef at work. 
It was pretty much all meat.
You wouldn't believe how much they ate.
I'm glad we didn't have to do the dishes! 
 March 2018

NHS Induction Ceremony

Yesterday evening, James, Seth and I went to Overland...
for the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.
The event opened with a short speech by Principal, Leon Lundie... 
and the lighting of the candles. 
Then the new inductees were called up to the stage one by one. 
James doesn't let me take his picture very often these days... 
so I kind of got carried away.
All the pictures!
Stink eye.
I also tried to take pictures of some of his friends...  
and, of course, his "brother," Kevin. 
Sixty six smart kids.
They took an oath and left the stage.
The rest of the ceremony was dedicated to speeches, awards, presentation of scholarships...
and recognition of the outgoing seniors, including Ryan's girlfriend, Katie. Congratulations, Katie!
After the ceremony, everyone congregated in the hall for snacks and pictures.
Congratulations, James, Kevin and all the other new NHS members!
April 2018