Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New splint

Darcy's new splint is bright yellow.  It clashes horribly with her orange fur so Seth gave her one of his socks to wear on top of it.  Doesn't she look cute?
August 2011

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Old lady hat

Ever since Seth bought himself an old man hat, he has been on the lookout for an old lady hat for me.  This is the result of that search.  Don't tell him, but I kind of like it...
August 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Darcy is a bad patient

Darcy hurt her toes chasing squirrels.

We tried to heal her with rest and anti-inflammatories.  Unfortunately, it's really hard to make a puppy rest.  Dr. Grillo wasn't satisfied with her progress so she decided we should protect the foot with a splint.
Darcy looked pretty cute with her big blue bandage...
but she was not a happy camper.
She was supposed to wear it for seven days but it barely lasted 24 hours.
Ryan and James applauded her ingenuity in wiggling out of that splint. 
Dr. Grillo and I were less amused.  Poor Doodles.  She doesn't mean to be so bad.  Maybe sedation will help...
August 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to school

Today is the first day of school.
So handsome! 
So grown up! 
maybe not that grown up! 
August 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wet Week

This has been a very hot summer, and all those warm days were sheer torture to the child whose arm was encased in fiberglass.  Other than an occasional one handed splash in a fountain, James spent four long weeks without any sort of watery fun.  Poor James!
James' cast was finally removed on August twelfth.  We went straight from the doctor's office to the H2O'Brien pool in Parker, Colorado.
There was a lot of pomp and circumstance leading up to that first jump in... 
The last dry moment. 
Hurray!  Wet Week has begun!
Two happy boys cooling off in the pool. 
We also went to Utah Pool a couple times, once with Jozsh and once with Marcus.  The best thing about this pool is the diving board.   
James can happily spend several hours jumping off the diving board. 
One big bounce... 
and he's airborne!
Jozsh in midair... 
and Ryan. 
Of course you don't need a pool to get wet.  
The Sprayground at Great Plains Park is a great place to cool off.
Run, Ryan, run!
The dog park at Cherry Creek State Park is yet another fun place to get wet, particularly if you don't mind sharing your water with a bunch of dogs.
Show off! 
Although there is no photographic proof, Wet Week also included a trip to the swim beach at Cherry Creek Reservoir.  All in all, Wet Week gets a two thumbs up rating!
August 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Denver Art Museum

Carol, Kristin, Nate and I went to the Denver Art Museum.
We had to take two cars.  Carol and Kristin got lost on the way, so the boys and I had plenty of time to check out the giant broom and dustpan near the museum's entrance.
Rules to live by. 
The featured exhibit was Marvelous Mud: Clay Around the World.
While Ryan clowned around with the muddy hand prints...
James tried to make sense of some of the artwork.
They may look like leather, but these items are made from clay. 
This pony is also made from clay. 
It turns out that clay is a surprisingly versatile medium.  It can light up a room...
and serve as flooring. 
Of course we didn't limit ourselves to just one exhibit.  The Denver Art Museum is full of interesting things.
Sometimes the spaces between exhibits...
are just as interesting as the exhibits themselves.
I don't think I'd ever been in the furniture room before...
Do you think we can find this at Ikea?
Ryan says the foxes in the red room represent every one of Darcy's emotions. 
I don't see it. 
James and the skull wall. 
Nate and the skull wall. 
Kristin says this is a picture represents Cara and Trevor in ten years. 
Downtown Denver as viewed from the roof.  The tall building on the right is the Wells Fargo  Center which is better known as the "Cash Register Building."
We all had a great time visiting the Denver Art Museum.
We'll definitely be back. 
 August 2011