Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wet Week

This has been a very hot summer, and all those warm days were sheer torture to the child whose arm was encased in fiberglass.  Other than an occasional one handed splash in a fountain, James spent four long weeks without any sort of watery fun.  Poor James!
James' cast was finally removed on August twelfth.  We went straight from the doctor's office to the H2O'Brien pool in Parker, Colorado.
There was a lot of pomp and circumstance leading up to that first jump in... 
The last dry moment. 
Hurray!  Wet Week has begun!
Two happy boys cooling off in the pool. 
We also went to Utah Pool a couple times, once with Jozsh and once with Marcus.  The best thing about this pool is the diving board.   
James can happily spend several hours jumping off the diving board. 
One big bounce... 
and he's airborne!
Jozsh in midair... 
and Ryan. 
Of course you don't need a pool to get wet.  
The Sprayground at Great Plains Park is a great place to cool off.
Run, Ryan, run!
The dog park at Cherry Creek State Park is yet another fun place to get wet, particularly if you don't mind sharing your water with a bunch of dogs.
Show off! 
Although there is no photographic proof, Wet Week also included a trip to the swim beach at Cherry Creek Reservoir.  All in all, Wet Week gets a two thumbs up rating!
August 2011

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