Thursday, August 11, 2011

The springs of Manitou

Colorado is chock full of interesting little mountain towns, but Manitou Springs just might be the Buxton family favorite.

Located just West of Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs is home to eleven mineral springs many of which have drinking spigots available to the public.
The water from these springs is naturally carbonated.  Can you see the bubbles?
Ryan made it his personal mission to drink from as many of the springs as possible. 
James was less enthusiastic but eventually he followed in his brother's footsteps.
 Seth bottled some of the water to bring home.
So many fountains, so little time! 
Last drink of the night! 
July 2011

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Sian said...

I haven't been to Manitou in years but it was a favorite place for me and my kids when they were Ryan and James' ages :-) I never drank from any of the springs there and think I need to go try it' I didn't know the water was carbonated! Like seltzer, something I love to drink ice cold :-)