Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ghost Town Museum

The last stop on our whirlwind tour of Colorado Springs was the Ghost Town Museum.
We arrived bright and early--a little too early, in fact. 
While we waited for the museum to open, the kids amused themselves by climbing on some of the old vehicles in the parking lot.
O Pioneers!
Visitors to the Ghost Town Museum must enter the gift shop before proceeding to the actual exhibits.  
Of course that meant we had to try on a few coon skin caps...
and look for horse shaped objects! 
And then--finally--we entered the museum. 
Ryan and James had selected this museum because the website boasted of its shooting gallery and gold panning.   
Unfortunately, the shooting gallery was not nearly as exciting as they'd expected. 
The gold panning was only a little better. 
At least according to Ryan... 
James was somewhat less enchanted!  
Lots of sand--no gold! 
Fortunately, Seth and I did not share the kids' disappointment.  In fact, both of us were impressed with the exhibits.
Each building was overflowing with old artifacts.
The attention to detail was quite impressive...
and were it not for the kids, we could have stayed all day!
There was also a nice collection of old vehicles.
I liked this one the best... 
but Seth prefers his carriages horseless.  Boo! 
The Ghost Town Museum may not have lived up to everyone's expectations, but I'm still glad we went!
July 2011

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