Monday, September 30, 2013

Heritage Square

Yesterday, Carol and Ryan and James and I went to Heritage Square in Golden, Colorado.
Heritage Square is a family friendly...
amusement park... 
and entertainment village. 
We had passes to the Miner's Maze attractions, so naturally we decided to do the maze first. 
Sounds easy, right? 
Ryan and James thought so.  They conquered it in just over seven minutes. 
Waiting on the old folks (we were slower).
 September 2013


Last Saturday James competed in the Cherry Creek Middle Schools District Track Meet, which was held at the Stutler Stadium at Cherry Creek High School.
We were supposed to arrive one hour before his race.  I dropped him off at the Prairie tent and found a place where the light was good.
The meet was running behind schedule, so we got to watch a lot of races.
It was exciting every time they ran past... 
especially when a Prairie runner was in contention. 
Finally it was James' turn to go down on the track.
We watched a few more races.
Prairie won one!
Then the sixth grade boys lined up for the 800 Meter Run and they were off.
James was running hard all the way around the first turn. 
He raced down the backstretch... 
and into the second turn. 
He looked a bit tired as he finished the first lap, but then he go a second wind...
and passed a few people. 
Go James! 
He kept it up all the way around the last turn... 
and finished strong in a time of 3:32.   
That wasn't nearly fast enough to win, but it was a personal best and worth celebrating.  Thank goodness there was a Dairy Queen right next to the track! 
September 2013

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Old Colorado City

Carol and I worked up an appetite while visiting the Air Force Academy Friday, so we got back in the car and headed to Colorado City.
Our destination was an old Beutel Family favorite, Meadow Muffins Bar and Grill.  
We chose a table next to the horses... 
and partook in some fine adult beverages.
After lunch, we spent some time walking...
and window shopping. 
September 2013 

Staff Sergeant Beutel, part two

Staff Sergeant Beutel in uniform.
Thank you for your service!
September 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

Going to the Chapel

Carol and I visited the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs today.  While were there, we spent some time at Colorado's most popular man-made attraction, the Cadet Chapel.

We parked by the Visitor Center...
and made the short hike... 
to the Chapel. 
This is such a dramatic building.
I can see why it draws more than half a million visitors every year!
The roof is a photographer's dream.
It doesn't have a bad angle! 
The inside...
isn't half bad either.
Love that ceiling!
One more picture--this is the Catholic worship area.  It doesn't have the soaring ceilings of the Protestant Chapel, but it's still very impressive.
September 2013.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Here are some more pictures from yesterday's trip to the Cherry Creek Dog Park.

September 2013.