Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinner at the Flying W

The first stop on our Colorado Springs minivacation was the Chuckwagon Dinner at the Flying W Ranch.  
We arrived early in order to have lots of time to explore the Western Village.
The Flying W is a celebration of all things cowboy and Indian, so there were teepees,
hoop dancers,
and historic buildings...
complete with bullet holes!
Uh oh.
James was arrested and sent straight to the slammer.
"Let me out!" 
 Ryan also took a turn in the cell, but somehow he looks more like jailer than jailbird.
The windows in the jail were designed for defense.  This is the inside...
and this is the outside.
Of course we had to ride the train.
It took us by some absolutely beautiful scenery.
I would have liked to explore this part of the ranch! 
After a couple hours, everyone had really worked up an appetite.   Meals at the Flying W are usually served outside...
but threatening skies neccesitated a change of venue.
The Flying can feed a thousand people in less than forty five minutes.  Unfortunately for us, we were among the last group to be served.  This is Ryan's "I'm starving" face. 
Cowboy food!  That's beef, beans, a baked potato, a biscuit, applesauce and spice cake on an authentic tin plate.  The beverage options were iced tea and lemonade.  Grub up, partner!
July 2011

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Anonymous said...

I have fond memories of family reunions at the Flying W, glad to see it is still around and doing well!