Thursday, August 11, 2011

Window shopping in Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is famous for its water, but that's not the only reason to visit.  The historic downtown area is full of all kinds of interesting shops, restaurants and attractions.  

This store is one letter away from having the coolest name ever.
There were no horses in the Green Horse Gallery...
but there were lots of horses in other places.
I kind of wanted that grey one! 
This horse lived at a bead shop.
We let each kid pick one bead to take home.  Aren't we the big spenders?!
Since Seth didn't want a bead, he ended up buying a bottle of Whoop Ass sauce.
(this isn't Whoop Ass sauce, but I think it was named by the same person)
My nominee for the most disgusting flavor of chap stick ever!
And then there was the Rubber Ducky Store.
Seriously.  All this store sold was rubber duckies.
A really big rubber ducky. 
Duck Vader. 
I wonder how they stay in business?
The arcade had a great fun-house mirror.
Long bodied, short legged Ryan. 
 "What happened to our legs?"
We thought about eating here...
but ended up at the Loop.
Don't be fooled. 
James might look happy but he was not pleased with our restaurant selection.
James' not pleased behavior was so bad that I was forced to drink a really big Margarita.  Forced, I tell you. 
Perhaps the most unusual part of our trip to Manitou Springs was an unplanned meeting with one of Seth's college girlfriends.  Lisa and her family live in Kansas so bumping into them on the sidewalks of Manitou Springs really did seem like an amazing coincidence.
Or not.  After all, "Manitou" is a Native American word for spirit, and early settlers viewed Manitou Springs as a sacred and magical place.  What's one surprise meeting with old friends in a place like this? 
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Anonymous said...

There used to be a dog hat store in Venice, CA that only sold hats for dogs. I miss that store.