Thursday, April 5, 2018

NHS Induction Ceremony

Yesterday evening, James, Seth and I went to Overland...
for the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony.
The event opened with a short speech by Principal, Leon Lundie... 
and the lighting of the candles. 
Then the new inductees were called up to the stage one by one. 
James doesn't let me take his picture very often these days... 
so I kind of got carried away.
All the pictures!
Stink eye.
I also tried to take pictures of some of his friends...  
and, of course, his "brother," Kevin. 
Sixty six smart kids.
They took an oath and left the stage.
The rest of the ceremony was dedicated to speeches, awards, presentation of scholarships...
and recognition of the outgoing seniors, including Ryan's girlfriend, Katie. Congratulations, Katie!
After the ceremony, everyone congregated in the hall for snacks and pictures.
Congratulations, James, Kevin and all the other new NHS members!
April 2018

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