Saturday, October 10, 2009

RMNP Part Four--The Rock Shop

A funny thing happened as we drove out of Rocky Mountain National Park. Without warning, the kids started chanting "Rock Shop! Rock Shop!" Apparently Seth and the kids had visited the Rock Shop a month earlier and both Ryan and James were eager to go back. Seth mentioned that the Rock Shop was right next to a nice little coffee shop and that was enough to persuade me. As soon as we saw the sign, we made a sharp right into the parking lot. Seth and I went directly to the coffee shop, ordered our drinks and sat outside to drink them.
The coffee shop sits next to a wide spot in the river and there were lots of ducks to watch.
Of course, the kids had no interest in sitting still and watching waterfowl. They took off for the Rock Shop at the first possible moment.
Eventually we decided to catch up with them. Both kids were outside checking out the rocks.
The Rock Shop has a lot...
of rocks!
All shapes, sizes and colors!
Estes Park is full of little touristy shops filled with old timey Western souvenir crap.
The Rock Shop isn't completely immune to that kind of thing...
but mostly it's all about rocks.
If you ever need a rock of any sort, I would highly recommend the Rock Shop in Estes Park!
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