Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grandview Dog Park

This has been the most unwinterlike winter. We've had lots of warm, sunny days and almost no snow. Yesterday was no exception and the boys and I decided the best way to enjoy the weather was to take the dogs to Grandview Dog Park. We were not the only ones with this idea. There were dogs everywhere!All the best action can be found near the picnic tables. James is trying to protect his Oreos from some very hungry dogs.
Ryan and I both wanted to take this cute dog home with us.
Of course no dogs are cuter than the Buxton girls!At this point in her life, Abbie is happy to wander around by herself.
Maggie prefers to mix it up with friends, both old and new. The barking dog is Rasko who belongs to our friend Carol and her family.More Rasko, Maggie and friend.Rasko recently joined Dogbook and wanted some new pictures of himself to share with his friends. I was happy to take a few action shots of him.
He looks a lot like Sally but is quite a bit bigger.
Maggie is still bashful about having her picture taken. Every time you point a camera at her, she turns around and walks away.
One of the park's newest features is an agility course. I think Abbie could have been an agility superstar. She's a bit old for that now, but she still likes showing off on the easy obstacles. Here she is conquering the stay table.
I had to enlist Carol's help for a jumping picture. Abbie always jumps before I'm ready, so Carol is holding her back here.
It worked! I love this picture of Abbie flying through the air--not bad for a fifteen year old lady!!
February 2009.


Anonymous said...

Just because Rasko's mouth is open it does not mean he is barking. Thanks for the pics,Nate said it was the best day ever!


Braymere said...

You're in denial--that dog is a BARKER!

Anonymous said...

That is a good shot of the old lady jumping - reminds me of the Kaiser commercial - "When I grow up, I want to be an old woman." and Rasko does resemble good old Sally.

Anonymous said...

And Ryan looks so biggggg!