Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tom and Jeanne's excellent adventure

In May 1990, my friends Trish and Russ and I set out on a big roadtrip. We drove from Colorado to California then up the coast to Canada. We travelled Canada 1 east through British Columbia and Alberta. Finally we headed back south to Yellowstone and eventually, Colorado. Two months later my copycat parents went on almost the exact same roadtrip. The only difference was they went further east and drove south through the Dakotas rather than Montana and Wyoming. Mom sent me these pictures from their trip. The captions are hers, not mine.

"Me in Bray, CA"
"Dad""A resident of Banff""Mt Rushmore, SD"
"The buffalo who lures in tourists in Jamestown, ND"
"This is the school in Fargo where Dad went to first grade. It's now used for retarded kids. Was it always?" (Mean Mom!!)

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Anonymous said...

They stalked me on that trip too!