Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pool party

Last Saturday was James' much anticipated seventh birthday party. Unfortunately, Saturday was also the day that both Ryan and I were most sick with the flu. Ryan really wanted to go to the party,but we'd only been at the pool for a few minutes when he started acting like this. Seth took him home. I wanted to go home, too, but unfortunately the mama never gets to go home.James invited three friends from school plus Jozsh, the Beutels and the Christophers. One of the school friends did not come, but everyone else did. This picture shows James and Nate having fun in the kiddy pool.Jozsh shows off his mad swimming skills in the big pool.
James and Javier hanging out at the table during the break.All the party participants--Cara, Nate, Jozsh, Cameron, Javier, James, Brook and Deidra.
Javier, James, Brook and Deidra enjoy the birthday cake.
James and Javier.
March 14, 2009.

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