Friday, March 27, 2009

Snow day

This past winter has been remarkable for its record setting warm temperatures and almost complete lack of snow. However, Colorado is notorious for its spring storms, and we were hit by a big one yesterday. We did not get the full fifteen inches that were forecast, but we did get enough to close school for two days. This is what our front yard looks like right now.The kids have been playing outside all morning.
James spent most of his time making a snow fort.Snow forts are serious business.He worked on this for a very long time.Ryan is at that lovely stage where he crosses his eyes every time you point a camera in his direction. It's better to take pictures when he's not looking.Would you trust this kid with a big snowball?
Maggie would not!
The kids worked together to make this igloo. They were pretty proud of it.
This is Ryan demonstrating how well he can fit inside the igloo.
Besides being a spacious home away from home, the igloo also doubled as a sledding hill. In this picture, Ryan is passing the sled up to James while Cynthia looks on.
March 2009.

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But memere wants to know "Where are their hats?"