Sunday, June 3, 2012

Carson & Barnes petting zoo

I am so glad my children haven't outgrown petting zoos.
Without exception, James can be counted on to fall passionately in love with one of the animals.  This time it was a goat. 
"They're so cute, Mama." 
"Can we have one?"
I have to admit, the goats are cute, but this crabby little donkey was even cuter.
Love this picture!
At least one of them looks happy... 
My turn with the Eeyore.
Of course it wasn't just goats and donkeys.  There were all sorts of other critters to pet...
and to view from afar.  This is Katy, the pygmy hippo...
and this is a zedonk!
I would have happily bought two or three circus coupons to pet the zedonk, but sadly, that was not an option.  Instead I had to be content with taking dozens of bad pictures of him.  Oh well!
May 2012


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you invite me to come along?

Unknown said...

I got to pet and feed a Zedonk and a Zorse once, they were so stripey! :)