Friday, June 29, 2012

Casa Bonita

I met my friend Carol through a parenting group called "Moms and Kids."  Although it's been years since either of us attended a meeting, we still enjoy an occasional get together with other former MAK members.  Yesterday we met Cathy and her daughter Kacey at Casa Bonita in Lakewood.
While we were waiting for Carol and Cathy to arrive, the kids and I checked out the Live Entertainment offerings. 
 We were most intrigued by the promise of Dancing Monkeys.
Here's the Moms and Kids alumni photo.  From left to right that's Kacey, Cathy, Carol, Kristin, James, Jennifer and Ryan.  Carol's nephew Sam was also in attendance, as well as one of Kacey's friends. 
The inside of Casa Bonita is a maze of hallways... 
and bridges.
The restaurant is over fifty two thousand square feet in size and can seat over one thousand guests.
Some of the dining rooms look like plazas, others like mines. 
There's even a cave or two. 
Watch out, James!
Two scary cave dwellers. 
Carol smiles in the face of danger.
Our table was located near the thirty foot waterfall which serves as Casa Bonita's main stage. 
This is Cathy watching one of the cliff divers... 
and this is Kristin quizzing Ryan about his love life! 
 Ryan was the first to find the area behind the waterfall.
It was a good place to watch the divers... 
 and to have your picture taken.
Unfortunately, both the food and the entertainment were decidedly mediocre.  The "dancing monkeys" turned out to be one guy in a gorilla suit, and every skit ended the same way--with someone falling in the water.
Still, no one goes to Casa Bonita for the food.  It's all about the experience, and both kids came home happy and tired.  That's the way it usually goes after a Moms and Kids alumni meeting!
June 2012

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