Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday hike

Yesterday we went on a short hike in the Roosevelt National Forest just West of Eldora, Colorado.
Even though much of the state was (and still is) covered in smoke from the huge High Park Fire burning in the mountains near Fort Collins, the air in this part of the forest was clean and blue...
and the water was crystal clear.
It was a perfect day for hiking... or wading! 
Seth, Ryan and James hike this trail often, and they were eager to show me their favorite places. 
Stop number one was the "Bullet Hole Truck."
This old truck is the best kind of jungle gym. 
Although it's very rusty, the doors still open and close so you can climb in and pretend to drive.
 Best of all...
 It's covered in bullet holes!
After spending twenty or thirty minutes at the truck, we hit the trail again. 
We crossed a bridge...
 and walked up a closed road.
Along the way...
we met lots of other hikers and their dogs. 
Darcy was intrigued by the dog backpack.  Maybe she wants one?   
Finally, we reached our next stop--the abandoned cabins!
June 2012

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