Sunday, June 24, 2012

The safer egg

Last week James participated in a kid-style applied engineering class offered by the Cherry Creek School District's gifted and talented program.  It was called "Build a Bridge to a Safer Egg."
Over the course of the week, the students tackled several basic engineering challenges, both individually and in groups.  One of these projects was to build a container that would protect an egg when dropped from a ten foot height.  James raided my shipping supplies to create this double box with foam and bubble wrap masterpiece.
The egg drop was held Thursday. 
One by one, the instructor dropped each child's device from the top of a ladder.
Some of the eggs survived the trip. 
Others did not. 
No two devices were alike.  Building material included tissue boxes and socks, 
severed stuffed animal heads...
and Lego. 
 FYI--Lego is not a good choice for protecting an egg.
James' device was the last to be tested.  He had sixty seconds to insert the egg...
before handing it to the instructor. 
 "Please don't break, please don't break, please don't break..."
The moment of truth. 
It survived!!!! 
Who knew summer school could be this fun? 
June 2012


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Sian said...

The 'It Survived!' picture is a real keeper! Congratulations James!

Braymere said...

That's the picture I like best, too!