Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rats vs. wild

Ryan decided it was time for the Christmas rats to visit the great outdoors.
Our first group of rats, the Spice Girls, never liked playing in the grass, so Ryan gave Holly a long pep talk...
before setting her down. 
She sniffed the air, ate some grass, and seemed pretty happy. 
Eventually, however, she asked Ryan to take her back inside. 
Nutmeg went next.
She was even braver than Holly.
Look at her go!
I know I'm not supposed to have a favorite... 
but I think Nutmeg is our cutest rat.
Ryan might not admit it, but I 'm pretty sure he agrees! 
Peppermint is the smallest and spookiest rat. 
She wasn't much interested in exploration.  Mostly she just hunkered down and washed herself.
Peppermint is James' rat, so he decided to come to her rescue. 
"It's ok, little girl.  No one's going to hurt you." 
"See, you can do it." 
"What a good rat!" 
June 2012

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. The boys really look like they have grown a lot.