Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More holiday pictures

As far as Ryan and James are concerned, Christmas is all about the presents.Fortunately, there were lots of presents under the tree on Christmas Day 2008.
Ryan unwraps another flying machine.James checks out Ryan's Lego Mars Mission Mother Ship,and then heads back to the tree in search of more presents. Comparing notes.
The peanut gallery watches the action from the safety of the couch.
Capturing the chaos still from the couch.Once the presents were open, Ryan and Papa sat down at the table to figure out the electronic toys.
James' big gift was a new, blue scooter.
I think he likes it.Yep, he definitely looks happy!
Mom and Dad gave Ryan a voice changing megaphone. This was voted Most Annoying Gift by all the adults.
Christmas isn't just for kids. Abbie enjoyed her edible card. Maggie had a card too, but she was too traumatized by the voice changer to come out and pose for pictures.

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