Sunday, November 9, 2008

June 1994

This is what Abbie looked like the day I met her.I had just come back to Memphis the night before, having spent several weeks on the road at various out of state horse shows. I was exhausted and had planned to sleep in and spend the day lazing around the apartment. My roommate completely ruined that plan. She called me bright and early from her workplace to tell me, "I've found the perfect dog for you." I had been talking about getting a dog, but I really wanted to choose one for myself. Debbie described the stray pup she'd found as being white with "donkey ears." That did not sound cute. Luckily, Debbie was both persistent and persuasive. It took a couple phone calls, but eventually I decided to drive myself over to her office to look at the puppy. The rest is history!

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