Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to saddle a horse

The competent wranglers of the Don K Ranch staff of 1989 really knew how to saddle horses. Each saddle was carefully matched to the size of the horse.
It's never too early to start saddling babies.
Be sure to leave the cinch nice and loose.
Sometimes it takes two people to saddle a horse properly.Gina and Debbie are working hard to get Diablo's saddle just right.
Tada! A perfect fit!
For those who care about these things, the horses in the pictures are Maestro (chestnut butt), Peanut Butter (red dun kiddy horse), Pee Wee (buckskin yearling filly who was saddled but not ridden), Sioux (possibly the stupidest horse ever) and Diablo (who could be counted on to colic if she was ridden two days in a row.)

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