Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ryan the competent

Once a summer, the boys and I go "Mama camping" at Cherry Creek State Park.  Last year we took Carol, Kristin and Nate.  This year our companions were my friend Tracey and her daughter, Grace.

The trip didn't start well, but after a couple false starts, we made our way to the CCSP campground.
Usually Seth helps us with the tents, but he was busy with work so Ryan stepped up and assumed all the Dada roles.  He set up the smaller tent first, mostly to secure the campsite while we went swimming.
At the swim beach, he and I set up the sunshade. 
Enjoying the fruits of his labor.
After a few hours at the beach we returned to the campground, and Ryan went back to work. 
He built the second tent. 
Then he tackled the camp stove. 
It turns out that the camp stove is trickier than a tent.
Fortunately, Seth was available for a little over the phone support.
Within minutes, Ryan had everything up and running. 
Hurray for competent kids!
July 2012

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Anonymous said...

Good work, Ryan!