Monday, February 20, 2012

Birthday walk

Seth's favorite present this year was a brand new, top of the line, ergonomically correct, retractable dog leash.  Naturally, he couldn't wait to try it out.
The new leash is so cool that James immediately wanted a turn. 
Unfortunately, Darcy's leash manners aren't very good.  She was going to pull James off his feet so this didn't last long. 
This is probably why Darcy's leash manners are so bad.
We got to the park... 
and there was a lot... 
more running! 
Our final destination was Starbucks. 
Darcy and I waited outside...
while the boys made their selections. 
Darcy really wanted a cookie, but she had to settle for a glass of water.
Best friends. 
Doesn't she look smug? 
It was too cold to linger long.  As soon as the cookie was gone, we headed back across Alameda. 
This is a big street so you have to be quick. 
Run, Forest, run! 
Paw prints and shoe prints. 
February 2012

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