Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frontyard zoo

In an effort to beat the heat, James and I have started taking the dogs for a walk first thing in the morning.  I always enjoy walking with my kids, but today's walk was the best ever because we saw a deer.
He was standing in Ryan's friend Kira's front yard.  At first we weren't even sure that he was real because he was so still.
All doubts were erased, however, when he started trotting down Nome Street!
James and I hoofed it back to our house to get Ryan and the camera.  Fortunately,the deer was still there when we got back.  He posed for a few pictures...
and was on his way.  
I hope he makes it back safely to wherever he came from!
June 2011


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous - I went for a walk and saw nothing new.

Dom said...

Great find and capture! He's cute.

Anonymous said...

What kind of deer is that? A Whitetail? His horns are strange. He has his velvet on but his horns are shaped strangly. Not a spiker or a button bck.