Sunday, May 15, 2011

Armed and dangerous

If I had to choose, I would probably say that my favorite part of our recent trip to St. Louis involved a little girl and a big horse.  

I don't think that moment even registered on my boys' radar.  For them, this trip was all about two things:  City Museum and the gun
Seth got to use it first...
then Ryan... 
and finally James. 
 I find this picture somewhat terrifying.
Eventually, they moved from the creek bed to the backyard (also terrifying).
Ryan's marksmanship--not too shabby! 
Armed and dangerous. 
May 2011


Anonymous said...

You're unfit parents - put those guns away!

Sian said...

They have a real one :-) Probably every young man's dream. We never had real ones until later but my son's imagination turned EVERYTHING that he could hold into one. Washcloths or Legos, everything was turned into a gun. now he's grown and, yes, he has one. Took lessons and goes to the shooting range. Guess it was inevitable.

Braymere said...

Jason--like Seth--has an affinity for inappropriate toys, but in his defense--that's a bb gun not a real gun. We did not take it home with us, but the kids have not stopped talking about it. Ryan in particular has his heart set on getting one of his own.