Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jason's backyard

Some twenty four hours after we left Denver, we arrived at Jason's home in Wentzville, Missouri.  Jason wasn't there to greet us, but we received a warm and enthusiastic welcome from his "watch" dogs, Chewy and Tari. 
The boys were extremely impressed with Jason's backyard which contained a full size trampoline, climbing fort and zip line.  The zip line was in need of some minor repairs.  Fortunately, Jason took care of that as soon as he got home.
While Jason and the boys played were occupied with the zip line, Seth spent some time with his niece Liliana.
Sharing a laugh. 
Such a cute girl! 
Trampolines, forts and ziplines are all pretty cool, but perhaps the best part of Jason's backyard is what lay outside the back gate... 
That little path leads to a rocky creek bed.  Liliana couldn't wait to show her cousins how well she can throw rocks. 
Ryan tried to teach her to throw underhand, but she wasn't having any of it. 
 James was more interested in climbing trees than throwing rocks, but he did launch a few.
So did Jason!
Jason also helped James find some cool artifacts including this fossil...
and this jawbone with teeth still attached. 
"Bye bye, Mama.  You can go home but we're going to stay out here all day."
May 2011

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