Monday, May 9, 2011

The road to St. Louis

Last week we all piled into the car and drove to St Louis for Jason and Katie's wedding.
I didn't take many pictures from the traveling part of the trip.  That particular section of I-70 isn't terribly scenic and we ate and slept on the cheap.
In fact, in some twenty six hours worth of road trip we only managed one photo worthy stop.  
Seth spent five years attending the University of Kansas and he can never resist visiting his old stomping grounds in Lawrence.  This picture shows the boys walking purposely down Massachusetts Street.  
Their destination: the Free State Brewing Company. 
The boys were delighted to find a friendly dog tied up in front.
 I was equally delighted about the prospect of yummy Free State beer.
We were seated on the upper floor of the restaurant.  James spent a lot of time peering over the edge... 
while Ryan texted and emailed his friends. 
Cheddar ale soup.  Nom nom nom!
So many choices...
Two for the road!
May 2011

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Anonymous said...

You really should have taken Darcy with you.