Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Belleview Park

There are a lot of great parks in the Denver Metro Area, but Belleview Park is perhaps my favorite.
This park has it all--two playgrounds, a petting zoo, lots of grass, a nice wading stream and a little red train.We went to Belleview Park yesterday with our friends, Kristin and Nathan. Everyone headed straight for the water.James came prepared for a day of water based fun. Here he is showing off his new high tech swimming shirt.
Looks like it's a hit!
Ryan and Nate spent a lot of time building dams and castles.Mud hands!Exploring.
Be careful, Ryan. That bridge is slippery!Probably the kids would have stayed in the water all day, but I insisted they get out and go to the petting zoo with me.
Predictably, I liked the pony best even though she was not terribly friendly.
Ryan made friends with a goat...while Kristin and Nate cozied up to a calf.
This little goat is named Amelia. I think James wanted to take her home with us.Gobble, gobble!
June 2009

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