Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another day, another park

Today we went to another one of the metro area's best parks. Great Plains Park is best known for its really wonderful water garden.
James wastes no time wading into the heart of the fountains.
Ryan is more deliberate.
He always starts out by making a couple of laps around the perimeter.
Now he's getting into it!
Armed and dangerous.
Of course, there is more to Great Plains park than just a nice water feature. After a good soaking the kids were off and running to the playground.
Monkey boys.
Maybe if he does this long enough he will achieve his 48" goal.Hanging out.
Of course you can't go to the park without packing a picnic lunch.
What's in this sandwich?Hooray for green peppers!
And this is how I most enjoy my park time--under a tree, on a blanket, with a book!
June 2009


Anonymous said...

nice day and cute boys.

Anonymous said...

I remember James hanging from some bars like that when he was a BABY, and you pointing out the "baby muscles," in his arms. I could not believe you let a baby hold onto the bar like that. Seems like yesterday.