Monday, June 15, 2009


More pictures from the Denver Zoo.I always like to linger at the zebra cage. Usually this is boring for everyone else, but these two zebras were so rowdy that even Ryan and James were impressed!Look at those ears! Look at those whiskers! He is soooo cute!!!!
Tiger in the moat.
Ryan and James both really like the penguins.
Singing penguins (not a pretty sound!).
Mountain goat family.
Mongolian wild horse (another favorite of mine).
This Canadian goose joined us for lunch.
Baby giraffe drinking from a puddle.
More baby giraffe.
A bird for Nana.
I took most of the pictures, but I did share my camera a little. James took this picture of a bighorn sheep.
Ryan photographed this snake...
and this sea turtle!
June 2009

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