Monday, April 3, 2017

Gas Monkey Garage

The boys watch a lot of Discovery Channel reality shows, including Fast and Loud, so they all wanted to visit the Gas Monkey Garage during our recent trip to Texas.
 The "garage" is actually a multi-building complex. The part where filming takes place is strictly off limits. 
Razor wire says they're not kidding about the "No Entry" stuff.
Head Quarters and Shipping and Receiving were also locked up tight.
The Merch Store was a different story entirely.
This space was filled with Gas Monkey clothes,
Fast and Loud dvds... 
and lots of old cars... 
and motorcycles. 
The boys saw this one and said, in unison, "It's the Vomit Comet!"
We spent a lot of time admiring the cars. 
We also posed for...
and took pictures.
We made our purchases and went back outside for more pictures...
and more car looking.
"It's the Camelot Crusiers!" 
I have to admit, this was not my favorite part of our Texas trip. 
It was still kind of fun, though. 
March 2017.

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