Saturday, April 1, 2017

Capulin Vocano

As we were driving through New Mexico, we noticed several signs for Capulin Volcano National Monument. Seth started referring to it as Capuchin Volcano, and we all wondered if monkeys flew out when it erupted. Since it was only a few miles off our route, we decided to check it out.
I made everyone pose for pictures with the sign.
Aren't we cute? 
The photo session came to an abrupt end...
when this one... 
started throwing snowballs. 
He's laughing... 
but this means war. 
The snowball fight went on... 

and on. 
We were having too much fun to leave, so we paid seven dollars and drove up the volcano. The views were amazing. 
We parked in the lot and hiked up to the rim. 
The snowball fight continued all the way up the volcano.
Halfway up. Can you see our minivan? 
More climbing. 
More snowballs. 
Finally we reached the summit. 
The views were spectacular...
there were... 
Despite the distinct lack of monkeys, I'm glad we stopped at Capulin Volcano. 
March 2017

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