Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall colors

Every year we try to take a mini family vacation to a not so faraway part of Colorado.  This year's destination was Vail.  We left early Saturday afternoon.
We tried to time our trip with the peak of the fall color viewing season.   Despite that, we had to do a fair amount of driving...
before we saw the aspens peeking through the pines.
As we drove along,  the sightings became more and more frequent.
We pulled over to take some photos... 
 and James found his all time favorite sign!
The scenery just kept getting better... 
and better...
and better! 
This particular section of I-70 is always pretty...
but I've never seen it look like this. 
Another stop... 
more pictures! 
Because of all the photo breaks, our two hour drive took nearly twice that long. 
Eventually, however, we made our way into the Vail Valley. 
September 2012

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