Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ryan and James at the Horse Show

Today I made Ryan and James go to a horse show. They were not very excited about this plan.We headed straight for the jumper ring. I thought they might like the jumpers because they jump some great big fences and go really fast.
Unfortunately, that was not the case. For the most part, they were completely uninterested in what was going on inside the show ring. They did like it when this pony's rider fell off, and she raced around the ring for five minutes with her saddle on her side.
That was it though. As soon as she was captured, they went back to paying attention to everything but the horses.
Luckily, there's more to a horse show than horses.
James found the gigantic piles of poop to be particularly impressive.
Ryan was fascinated with the water trucks that were used to keep down the dust.
There were lots and lots of dogs to meet.
I think James touched every last one of them.
Best of all, there was a Hawaiian Shaved Ice vendor.
The shaved ice was a big hit.
Ryan even offered to go back to the show again tomorrow if he can have another shaved ice.
I will never understand how any child of mine could go to a horse show and not watch the horses, but we still managed to have a good day!
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