Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden of the Gods

Jason and crew arrived Thursday afternoon in a purple seven passenger minivan. Ryan, James and Seth occupied the extra three seats on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, however, Seth had to go back to work so I got the eighth seat. We started our day with a trip to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.Even from the visitor center, Garden of the Gods is amazing.Johannes, James and Lucas on the visitor center observation deck.Jonas taking a picture from the visitor center parking lot. White rock formation.
More typical red rock formations.
White and red together!
This park is just plain beautiful.
The sun was shining and it was hot so Jason took off his shirt. Pretty soon everyone else (but me) followed suit. The sight of these five skinny, pale chests was too funny. I had to take a picture...Ok, make that two pictures!Deer tracks.
Ryan reading a sign.Lucas ignoring a sign.We walked and walked and walked. We would probably still be walking if it wasn't for Ryan's poor, sore foot!
Waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom. Words carved in the rock face.Kissing camels.
Our whole group!
July 2009.

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