Monday, September 30, 2013


Last Saturday James competed in the Cherry Creek Middle Schools District Track Meet, which was held at the Stutler Stadium at Cherry Creek High School.
We were supposed to arrive one hour before his race.  I dropped him off at the Prairie tent and found a place where the light was good.
The meet was running behind schedule, so we got to watch a lot of races.
It was exciting every time they ran past... 
especially when a Prairie runner was in contention. 
Finally it was James' turn to go down on the track.
We watched a few more races.
Prairie won one!
Then the sixth grade boys lined up for the 800 Meter Run and they were off.
James was running hard all the way around the first turn. 
He raced down the backstretch... 
and into the second turn. 
He looked a bit tired as he finished the first lap, but then he go a second wind...
and passed a few people. 
Go James! 
He kept it up all the way around the last turn... 
and finished strong in a time of 3:32.   
That wasn't nearly fast enough to win, but it was a personal best and worth celebrating.  Thank goodness there was a Dairy Queen right next to the track! 
September 2013


Anonymous said...

Atta go, James! You did well!

Anonymous said...

Way to go James!

Sian said...

Congrats, James!! (he's sure growing, Jennifer!)