Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eaton Canyon by night

Although our trip to California was relatively problem-free, it was still a long day of sitting and waiting.  By the time we reached my parents' house in Altadena, we were all ready to go for a walk in Eaton Canyon.  
It was still daylight when we reached the trail head. 
As we descended into the canyon, I spotted a group of horses and riders on the fire road.  I was a little bit jealous but mostly happy to see them there.
We crossed the canyon and headed toward the bridge.  
By this time, the sun had set. 
It was pitch black by the time we reached our destination! 
 It was so dark, in fact, that we missed the little trail that leads up to the top of my parents' street.  No one wanted to backtrack or go bushwhacking in the dark, so we followed the main trail to the Nature Center...
and walked home on the street! 
August 2013

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