Monday, July 16, 2012

Full house

This weekend we were visited by Seth's friend Pete,
Pete's wife Laura, 
and their four kids--Max, Gretchen, Audrey and Cecile. 
Our house isn't very big, but we made it work! 
The girls were immediately drawn to my horse collection so I gave them a few to play with.
Ryan and James also found some toys to share--the Wii and a remote control helicopter.
So. Many. Kids. 
There was no stopping Ryan after Max expressed an interest in electronica.
If I recall correctly, this is Ryan explaining the positive and negative flow of ions.  Or something. 
Fortunately, the weather was nice we weren't stuck inside the whole time.  The girls really enjoyed getting Darcy to do some tricks...
while the boys engaged in a serious game of war.  It was Ryan and super soaker...
vs. James, Max and the crab apples.
Can you guess who won?
Before they left, I got all the kids to line up against the fence for a couplegroup photos.  This one is serious...
and this one's silly!  
July 2012

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Anonymous said...

A lot of kids for the little house!