Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anniversary weekend

Seth and I celebrated our fifteenth anniversary with a weekend trip to Estes Park.
Although the heavy clouds obscured most of the view, 
the drive up US-36 was beautiful. 
 As we neared the top, it began to snow.
It was really coming down by the time we'd reached our destination. 
Our room at Murphy's River Lodge may not have looked terribly impressive from the outside. 
but the inside was a perfect blend of fancy... 
and functional. 
Considering the current weather conditions, I was especially pleased to have a fireplace. 
Best of all... 
we were just steps away from the river. 
After we were settled in, we headed over to the Waterfront Grille at the Estes Park Resort. 
It was a bit too cold to sit out on the deck, but we still appreciated the great view of Lake Estes. 
This meal--like the rest of the trip--was largely financed by LivingSocial coupons.  Here's our dinner bill before and after the coupon was applied.  Hurray for eating well on a budget!
May 2012

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