Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dining with Rosie

These pictures were taken on Ryan's birthday.  I'd originally planned to post them the next day.  Then Maggie died and I wasn't up to it.   Hopefully late is better than never!

Ryan chose Rosie's Diner for his birthday dinner.
Rosie's is a '50's diner complete with a big jukebox near the entry way... 
 and little juke boxes at every table.
 There's also a well stocked candy counter...
and the promise of really big desserts. 
 Oh, yeah.  There's lots of silly jokes, too.
 Seth got to sit next to the birthday boy.
I sat with James aka the Booth Monkey.  I know he doesn't look like a booth monkey in this photo, but trust me, looks can be deceiving!
While James was busy decorating the kid's menu, Ryan played with his brand new iPod.
So many nifty features! 
Finally the food came.  Ryan had a hamburger, NO cheese. 
Seth chose a Greek salad. 
I opted for a French dip with onion rings,  
and James went with his usual--the chocolate chip decorated pancake. 
After dinner, it was time for dessert. 
Ryan traded the traditional birthday sundae for a root beer float. 
 James went with the sundae.  
 Good to the last drop!
April 2012


Anonymous said...

This is where we went on our stop-over on the way to Costa Rica right?

Braymere said...

Yes, it's the same place. It's definitely a Buxton family favorite.

Anonymous said...

How can James eat that much?