Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dog park, part one

We took Darcy to the Cherry Creek State Park dog park today. 
The boys packed their pocket knives...
and Darcy packed her running shoes.
She's really fast! 
"Can't catch me!" 
Seth found a big stick.
Darcy wanted it. 
 Darcy got it!
Yay, Darcy! 
This game can go on forever...
and Darcy always wins.
Darcy with her stick.
Eventually we made our way to the cliffs overlooking the creek.
Darcy loves the cliffs as much as she loves the stick game.
She ran up.
She ran down. 
She ran all around!
Not everything was fun and games, though.  These dogs shunned her...
and this one tried to take her out!  Poor Darcy!
Fortunately, Darcy is resilient.  She shook off her troubles...
and kept on running!
March 2012


Sian said...

What a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

She needs a tail.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing photos.
1. You should be entering them in dog photo contests.
2. Can you come over and take photos of Bobo? Mine aren't that good.

Braymere said...

1. I entered one photo in a Dogbook contest. It didn't win.

2. Bobo should come over here for a photo session. He needs some better pictures.