Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Changing of the guard

About a month ago, the kids found a tumor on the last remaining Spice Girl, Basil.  Female rats are prone to developing benign mammary tumors so we weren't terribly worried at first. Unfortunately, Basil's tumor was aggressive and we had to make the sad decision to let her go.  Her last few days were filled with love...
and special treats... 
and lots of kisses!
The basement seemed awfully sad and quiet without Basil's little rat noises, but fortunately we were able to find three new little troublemakers to fill the silences.  This is Holly,
and Peppermint. 
All three came from pet stores and they are not nearly as friendly and brave as the Spice Girls.  Nutmeg can be persuaded to come out for treats...
but Holly and Peppermint tend to hide in the corner every time the cage door is opened.
We're being patient with them... 
and they're doing a little better.  Still, they have a long way to go before they can rival Cinnamon and Basil for all around awesomeness. 
Happiness is getting a rat (or three!) for Christmas. 
December 2011

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Sian said...

Holly and Pepper hiding in the corner is hilarious! I hope they get more friendly quickly :-)