Saturday, October 15, 2011

Seth's dog trailer

Today I looked out my studio window and this is what I saw.
It's a man on a bike pulling a dog crate and being chased by a child.
Oh no!  There's a dog in the crate! 
There should be a thought bubble over the dog's head saying, "Save me."
Of course the dog isn't the only one who gets to ride in the trailer. 
 Just another day on South Oakland Street!
October 2011


Dom said...

Definitely did a double take...

Anonymous said...

Maybe you shouldn't look out the window anymore.

Braymere said...

Yeah, it may not have given Darcy a seizure but I almost had one.

Sian said...

ROFL :-)

Anonymous said...

Adorable, Lilah wants a ride too!