Thursday, October 27, 2011

The office

For the past eleven months, Seth has been working at the Denver Federal Center in Lakewood, Colorado.  
His office is located in this building. 
Just follow the signs... 
and you can't miss it! 
This is Seth sitting at his desk. 
His desk has a name tag.
So proud of his Dada! 
Behind the desk is the model boat which used to live in our guest room. 
There is also a couch... 
and a huge whiteboard. 
No one can resist the whiteboard!  Ryan drew a Prairie Hawk and I sketched a quick portrait of Seth's favorite dog.  We're not going to discuss James' picture.   
Seth's professional certifications are displayed proudly on a bulletin board that's sitting on the floor.  Oh well.
After we'd toured the office, Seth showed us some of the other areas in his building. 
The magnetic poetry on the broken microwave reads: Remember to clean it you dirty companion of dog slobber
According to Seth, this is the longest hallway in the world. 
unique features!
Our visit to the USGS offices ended with a quick round of golf.  That smile on Ryan's face says that someday he wants to work at a place like this!
October 2011


Anonymous said...

Nice write up - Seth has comfortable quarters, it seems.

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