Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Darcy's playhouse

Darcy visited her friends Rasko and Delilah today.  While they were playing in the backyard, she invented a really fun new game.  First Darcy would encourage everyone to chase her.
Darcy likes to be chased... 
probably because she's so fast!
As soon as the other dogs started gaining on her, Darcy would duck into the playhouse. At first, this confused Rasko and Delilah.
"Where did Darcy go?" 
"There she is!"
"You found me!" 
"Let's do it again!" 
And again and again and again! 
Eventually Rasko and Delilah started following Darcy into the playhouse.
Still, there's no denying--that's Darcy's Playhouse!
One very happy puppy! 
April 2011

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Sian said...

That's just too cute!