Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekends in Wellington

In 1989 I was a full time student at Colorado State University. I lived in Fort Collins but all my weekends were spent at my friend Trisha's farm in Wellington. Trisha's family lived on forty acres and owned nearly that many Arabian horses. The old grey mare in the first two pictures was Trisha's favorite--NBD Peace.
This is one of the three horses I rode the most. Her name was NBD Hope. She is pictured with Mama Dog.
Mt View Angelcharm (Angel) was another of my regular mounts. This picture shows us standing in front of one of Wellington's many small lakes.
Me and NBD Thor.


Anonymous said...

You were soooooo young!

buckpony said...

Mama Dog looks just like our old beloved Marge dog! I'll have to find a photo of Marge to share.

I love this Photo Blog, Jennifer!!